Cushions for Duo/Duetto garden swing, 72B

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Green leaf-patterned cushions for Duo/Duetto garden swing 2-s, Low backrest, seat cushion 100 x 50 cm, back cushion 100 x 50 cm.

EAN 6417624500450


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A x B x C:
100 x 50 x 50 cm
4,5 kg
A: 100 cm
B: 17 cm
C: 50 cm
4,5 kg
0,09 m3



Varax's new patterns for 2022 are a collaboration with designer Johanna Högväg. Johanna was born and raised in Ostrobothnia and is known for her illustrations, her pattern planning and graphic design.

She has found inspiration for her patterns in everyday life in the Finnish forests. Even the mosquitoes have found their rightful place on the fabric "The Finnish forest".

In addition to "The Finnish forest" 87B design, the collaboration includes also the designs "Landscape" 81B and "Stormskär" in gray 83B, pink 84B and blue 86B.